The truth about “the lie from China” worn on African heads all over the world, eloquently described by my friend.

Nigerian Newcomer

This is something someone should say something about.
Someone else though, not me. But until then…

I don’t understand why there is so much fake hair here. And it’s not cleverly hidden fake hair.

It looks like Nigerian women have taken the bold step of no longer pretending like the straight luscious hair is theirs. But they haven’t come full circle to accepting their own hair as it is or accepting hair styles that fit African hair.

So they no longer try to mask the crude tracks or the disjointed connections between their real hair and the fake add-ons.
Everywhere I look, there is a beautiful woman wearing a lie from China on her head.

If you confront them, the Nigerian female populace always reacts defensively. They will never directly say they wear fake hair because they think it is nicer than their own African hair. Instead they’ll moan and…

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